PureKana CBD Oil Review – Read Before Buying

Purekana offers one of the third-party tested CBD oils for different medical use purposes. Made from hemp, the CBD oil promotes a pure and natural list of ingredients. This means that the oil is free of genetically-modified organisms. But what can it do and is it right for you?

The CBD oil comes with an unflavored formulation. This makes it closer to the natural approach many people seek, although not everybody will enjoy the lack of available flavored options. Most importantly, it is oil which can be purchased by most people as it comes with a very low 0.3% concentration of THC. With its mostly non-psychoactive formulation, it can be used for different purposes. Although the product doesn’t promise to tackle some of the pressing physical and mental issues, many customers report improvements in anxiety and chronic pain.


  • Pure formulation
  • Third-party tested
  • Made with no pesticides
  • 300, 600 and 1000mg concentrations


  • No flavored options

The CBD oil can be a solution to tackle some pressing issues which have been studied and which refer to physical pain and some mental issues as well. One of the areas which directly benefits from the oil comes with social anxiety. As well as other problems such as epilepsy, the CBD oil can be used as instructed by the manufacturer. At the same time, Purekana offers a choice between the 300, 600 and 1.000mg concentrations depending on the potency you need.

Some of these issues can also be found in the normal lives of people which have to suffer as well. One of the areas which see this is sleep. This is why people consuming the oil see real improvements when it comes to better sleeping and improved rest during the night. As one of the solutions which can reduce pressures like headaches and increase relaxation, the oil can also be consumed before going to bed as it only takes a few minutes for it to come with its first benefits.

Chronic inflammation pain reduction

One of the most important reasons to consider the CBD oil is with chronic pain. Many people know the struggles which can be associated with severe pain and even the tolerance of the body to medication in time. This is why many users report that the CBD oil can be a real solution when it comes to reducing chronic pain and pain with inflammation such as arthritis. It even works for the pain associated with scoliosis. In many cases, the oil can be used in conjunction with other joint-specific CBD products such as creams which can also be applied to the joints which are facing high inflammation and pain.

Some severe pains can also be associated with PMS as many women report. In this case, even the milder 300mg formulation can prove to be a good solution to try and reduce some of the pain as it can be consumed for longer periods of time.

Carrier Oils

The hemp extracts are based on MCT oil. The medium chain triglycerides oil is derived from coconuts. It is a healthy fat and it is also one of the best types of coconut oil in terms of speed of absorption as it can reach the blood within minutes.

MCT oil has also been associated with increased energy levels. But this can only be the case in situations where users would be on a low carbohydrate diet. As carrier oil, it is yet to be matched when it comes to purity and the speed of absorption.

Which concentration to choose?

While many people can feel confused about the concentrations to be first tried between the three options from Purekana, you can always discuss the issue with your doctor. But in most cases, it is worth starting with the lowest 300mg formulation as it may be easier for you to adapt to the CBD oil with a milder formulation.
If you do not see the results you want, you can then choose one of the more potent formulations from the manufacturer. In many cases, users also report improved benefits with pain reduction even with the lower concentration as well. But they also report that the pain might not go away completely. However, with chronic pain or anxiety, even small progress is still progress.

Other CBD Oil Considerations

Since the oil is based on MCT, people can experience diarrhea. While this will not happen in all cases, you must know that you can expect this in your case. Psychosis is still possible with larger concentrations as well as nausea so it might not be the best solution to try and consume the oil while at work.

If you are filling dizzy with the oil, you might also want to try and reduced its serving size to make it easier for your body to handle. In some cases, stopping the use of the product may not be an option, such as in the case of cancer patients dealing with severe pain.

Another important aspect to consider comes with changes in appetite. If you find that you are losing your appetite, you will also have to ensure that you are actually eating the foods you need to eat every day as you do not want to create other nutritional problems for your health as well.

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Another important aspect to consider comes with the medication. If you are currently using any medication, you should first ensure that the CBD oil does not interfere with it. In most cases, if you are taking medication you should seek the advice of your doctor for the best approach. For example, some medication for anxiety or depression can already come with a strong effect and you do not want to mix the effects of the CBD oil as well. It is thus recommended to ensure that the oil doesn’t interact with your current medication.

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In some cases, increased use above the recommended dosages over long periods of time can cause other problems as well which can include dry mouth or vomiting. This is why it is always important to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer for daily CBD oil intake.

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